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Mobility is absolutely essential for proper aircraft maintenance. Collateral stands allow work crews to reach various areas of a large aircraft and remove the equipment quickly and safely when a plane is ready to leave the hangar.

Collateral stands can be designed to suit any need, though their most traditional form comes in that of a strategically sized work platform with mounted ladders and stairs to access higher components on an aircraft. With mobility in mind, collateral stands are designed for ease-of-use not only for maintenance, but for quick deployment and removal on the hangar floor.

Need it solves

Large aircraft require special equipment for maintenance. When a full docking system isn't an option or is unneeded, mobile stations for maintenance become especially important. Reaching high parts of a plane and having equipment nearby to conduct maintenance can be accomplished with the right equipment.

Results achieved

Maintenance crews are able to bring an aircraft into a hangar and quickly deploy collateral stands to reach important components. Personnel are productive while remaining safe with carefully designed mobile maintenance systems.


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