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Aircraft hangars require very large doors to be opened and closed numerous times for a long life period. Various styles of doors can be used for hangars; the application of a specific design is dependent on stylistic preference and practical need.

Hangar doors can use varying forms of mechanization technology to operate and can be installed in several configurations. For large vertical doors, a vertical lift wall can be ideal, whereas for aircraft with wide wingspans, a tip-up, rolling, or pivoting door may be ideal to open a long horizontal span.

Need it solves

Hangar doors often cover very large spans both vertically and horizontally. These openings must have a sturdy door protecting them, but those doors must be able to open often and reliably for aircraft maintenance.

Results achieved

Hangars for aircraft maintenance are protected from outside weather and are made secure with large, expansive hangar doors installed professionally and designed to operate efficiently, safely, and reliably.


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