Landing Gear Elevator Pits

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System design


Landing gear pits have been in use for some time as a method for simplifying certain aspects of aircraft maintenance. This proven technology is even more remarkable when designed by kinetic motion experts.

Landing gear elevator pits are constructed to fit the landing gear trucks of large aircraft. When a plane is position properly, the landing gear pits can be raised and lowered together to raise or lower the entire aircraft, providing greater access for ground crews to perform maintenance.

Developing landing gear elevator pits -- a functional, practical, and hard working form of kinetic architecture -- that will remain reliable throughout their life is exactly what the engineers at Uni-Systems specialize in.

Need it solves

Large jetliners have a significant clearance from the ground, and this clearance can make it difficult to perform needed maintenance. The ability to efficiently and safely lower a large plane closer to ground level is absolutely necessary for effective maintenance. Ensuring that these elevating systems are safe for both the aircraft and maintenance crews requires expert design and installation.

Results achieved

An aircraft is safely brought to a proper height for maintenance crews, while still allowing ample room for personnel to work on the landing gear trucks themselves. With automated electronic control systems, the aircraft can be brought back to is proper position and removed from the hangar, ready to fly, with faster turnaround times.


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