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System design


A maintenance system allowing access to an entire aircraft's structure requires comprehensive design and precision engineering. The moving walkways and access points of the Uni-Dock reduce downtime for the plane, and increase productivity and safety for aircraft maintenance.

Five access levels running the length of the aircraft can be adjusted to variable heights, providing complete maintenance access. In addition, the walkways are equipped with numerous safety features like guardrails, gates, stairs, and ramps as well as equipment like vacuums and  tool storage locations.

Because the Uni-Dock is adjustable, it can also be utilized for multiple types of aircraft. Docking a plane takes as little as an hour, and requires very few staff on hand. Once installed, the Uni-Dock truly is an all-in-one maintenance solution.

Need it solves

Aircraft maintenance is expensive and time consuming. Providing access to the external surfaces of a plane can also be dangerous, creating fall hazards for work crews. All the while, every hour a plane is kept down for maintenance, fewer passengers can be delivered to their destinations.

A complete system for maintaining multiple types of aircraft in an efficient and quick manner is a necessity for any airline to remain competitive. Providing work crews with the proper tools and access to an aircraft, all while keeping them safe from harm, requires an intuitive maintenance system.

Results achieved

With a Uni-Dock installed, an airliner spends less time in the hangar, and work crews are able to work more safely and efficiently. The savings from work efficiency alone make a comprehensive maintenance system a necessity; however, the additional revenue generated by getting a plane back in the air significantly faster than the competition makes the Uni-Dock the unquestionable future of the airline industry.


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