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System design


A retractable seating solution will not only minimize the space claimed by a bulky set of bleachers or chairs, but it can also add to the aesthetic quality of the space when retracted or deployed.

Retractable seating can be designed and installed in numerous configurations. The seats can be designed to fold up against a wall, or they can be entirely retracted from a room. The installation is limited only by the imagined design.

Need it solves

Several smaller facilities have very limited space to work with, and providing seating for a large number of visitors can eliminate a significant amount of useable space when seating is not required. The ability to easily create a seating system, while having the freedom to remove it at the touch of a button, is an absolute necessity for small studios or performance venues.

Results achieved

Small spaces suddenly appear a lot bigger when the unnecessary seating is removed from a room, but the seating returns anytime it is needed. When retracted,  the system blends into the wall, remaining psycially and visually unobtrusive. With a simple command, the seating system is deployed and guests can enjoy a spot to rest while facility owners know that when they need the space available again, it will be as simple as the push of a button.


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