Seating Section Lift Gates

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To maximize space in a larger facility, like a stadium, a section of seating can be installed as an operable lift gate to provide access to the field.

Installing mechanization into a seating section allows a stadium to utilize the same space for two important purposes. A lengthy section of the stadium, close to the field, does not need to be reserved purely to act as a gate to provide access to the field; when closed, the gate will function as seating for additional fans.

Need it solves

The most important element for a stadium and team is keeping fans in the stands. But with several needs like large gates providing access to the field, less seating can often be installed. A method for providing seating while still having all the necessary components to a functional stadium is important for every facility owner and manager.

Results achieved

During field maintenance, staff have a large gate providing access to the field. When the stadium starts filling with fans for an upcoming game, the gate is closed, leaving only attractive, accessible seating.


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