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System design


The ultimate form of architecture in motion is the harnessing of kinetic energy for thrills. Custom designed amusement rides can create a tremendous attraction for any location.

The expertise of the Uni-Systems team is perfect for the creation of an amusement ride, whether it is an established design looking for some upgrades, or a brand new idea that needs to be developed.

When working with custom engineering, the possibilities are limited only by imagination.

Need it solves

Searching for a thrill often leads people to amusement rides where they can experience multiple ways to cheat gravity and physics. Even kids search for the same thrills, though perhaps slightly tamer. Though these needs can be met by amusement rides already in operation, the possibilities in creating a new, innovative custom-engineered ride are overwhelming.

A unique, new ride at an amusement park can generate significant business, and there is no better way to develop a new ride than with a custom-engineered solution from kinetic energy experts at Uni-Systems.

Results achieved

A unique attraction and a new way to look at the art of thrill rides are just two benefits gained from custom engineered amusement features. With an experience that can't be found anywhere else, a park hosting the newest and best amusement feature will find people coming from all corners to fulfill their need for their next thrill.


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