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System design


Using innovative architectural designs and powerful mechanical systems, Uni-Systems and SkyVenture have built a series of skydiving simulators that revolutionized recreational wind tunnel technology.

A series of powerful fans, a unique architectural design, and numerous safety features take indoor flight to a new level.

Need it solves

Skydiving simulation, as noted by enthusiasts, is not a simulation at all. When inside the tunnel, people are truly flying. Naturally, safety concerns arise when human beings begin taking to the air. Designing a wind tunnel that can give people the experience of flight requires experts on motion of the human body, of air itself, and of the technology that makes it all happen.

Results achieved

Uni-Systems' unique experience with moving components and the forces involved makes it uniquely qualified to aid in the design of mechanization systems that safely allow people to defy gravity. Customers and skydiving enthusiasts are kept safe through multiple safety features and innovative technologies meant to keep people -- and the fun -- in the air.


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