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Warmer climates come with the advantage of being able to utilize an outdoor space throughout the year, but weather can still hamper use of a patio or courtyard. Corradi offers folding fabric enclosure systems that can fully enclose an outdoor space, permitting use in rain or high winds.

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The Corradi Group designs and creates complete solutions for furnishing and getting the maximum use out of outdoor spaces. Founded in Bologna in 1978 and now a worldwide success in the production of bespoke covers and pergolas, Corradi SpA is now partnered by Velombra Srl for the production of sail awnings and by Corradi Arredi Srl for outdoor furniture. These three highly specialised and complementary companies focus on technological research and maximum attention to detail, with a careful eye on design and new trends. The Corradi Group is therefore able to supply, through its extensive network of Authorised Retailers, a vast range of solutions to furnish and make comfortable outdoor spaces, ensuring they can withstand even the harshest weather conditions while retaining unmistakeable style and unmatched quality. The Corradi Group has also recently set up a Corradi USA branch, based in Dallas, to cater to the US and wider North American market, thus confirming the group's international vocation.


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