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Flexible materials used as a roof can provide numerous benefits toward a project's overall cost and design. An attractive, folding fabric roof is a perfect solution for an outdoor courtyard or patio with framework surrounding the environment.

Utilizing framework around an outdoor enviroment, a folding fabric roof can be retracted or deployed along two parallel rails. The fabric is attached to mechanization units within the framework, and as those units are driven, the roof gently unfolds until it stretches out completely, creating a shelter against light winds and rain. Depending on the material selected for a fabric roof, a certain amount of sunlight can also be permitted through the material as much as desired for an individual location while still blocking wind.

Need it solves

A retractable roof can often be necessary to protect an outdoor patio or courtyard from wind, rain, and glaring sunlight, but these environments often don't have a large amount of additional space in which to store hard-structured roof panels.

When a cost-effective, attractive, and functional solution is required to keep an outdoor area protected from light rains and winds, a folding fabric roof can provide an answer where a rigid roof structure can not.

Results achieved

Guests, customers, and patrons are kept dry, warm, and comfortable on an outdoor patio despite rain and wind. But when the poor weather stops, the strong fabric roof above the patio can be retracted and allow the sun to shine once again. The roof itself is folded in a precise and controlled pattern and stored unobtrusively against the wall.

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