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A pivoting roof system requires a rotation point for the operable panels, and various mechanization units can be used to drive the panels. The roof panels can be designed to open fully and rest in an unobtrusive location, hidden from sight, or the panels can be designed to have an end-of-travel location well within sight, giving the roof two very important purposes:

  • When closed, the roof panels will protect the interior environment from harsh weather
  • When open, the roof panels add to and enhance the architectural theme of the building

Pivoting roof panels can be fully supported in a closed position or cantilevered to suit the needs of an individual facility.

Need it solves

When the movement of a retractable roof becomes as important an architectural statement as the building itself, a pivoting roof may offer the perfect solution. They can also be an ideal solution when the design of a building or the available space around the building doesn't allow for a rolling roof panel to be stored when retracted.

Results achieved

A retractable roof is opened and closed using various mechanization components, making a stylized and fluid movement, protecting  the interior atmosphere while maintaining the architectural design of a facility. The simple movement of the roof becomes extremely functional and an attraction of its own.

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