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An entire playing field can be moved to enhance the utilization of a stadium as well as the life of the field itself.

Multiple wheelboxes drive the field back and forth on several tracks, and when the playing field has been moved out of the stadium, a proper base remains that can be covered and redesigned for any event the facility is scheduled to host.

Though a stadium with an artificial turf field can still benefit from the simplicity of removing a playing field in a single, efficient process, the advantages of retractability for a natural-grass playing field are immeasurable. When removed from the stadium, a natural field can be exposed to sunlight and rain, saving on maintenace costs as well as giving the grass the benefit of truly natural growth catalysts. An integrated drainage system within the field structure and the stadium allows for water to be safely and cleanly managed when the field is brought back inside.

Need it solves

A natural grass playing field requires high-energy light and water to grow attractively. An indoor, closed-atmosphere stadium can certainly house a natural field, but the benefits of an outdoor atmosphere are still unbeatable. With the capability to move an entire field outside, a facility owner can take even greater pride in the look of the natural field.

Even without considerations for a natural grass field, turning a sports stadium into an event center can involve a long, complex process of removing pieces of a playing field or covering up the field entirely. A retractable field not only stores the field in an ideal location, but turns a lengthy process into a simple and cost-effective automated motion.

Results achieved

In addition to all the benefits gained from exposing a natural-grass playing field to sunlight and rain, the entire stadium can be converted to an event center with a concrete floor in approximately one hour. Instead of a complicated process involving the removal or covering of the playing field, the entire field is simply removed from the stadium with the push of a button.


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